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FAQ - quick answers to your pressing questions

  1. How to become a project participant?

    It's simple - enter your PAYEER wallet and click Login. You will automatically register in the project and be taken to your personal account.

  2. How to start making money in the project?

    To participate in the project, you need to top up the balance in your personal account. The invested money is multiplied based on the daily percentage of profit.

  3. Why invest in the project?

    To obtain maximum profit of 50% per day of the amount of your investment deposit.

  4. Can I earn money without investment?

    Yes, you can earn money without investment through an affiliate program! Recommend a project, for example, on social networks, bring new investors and receive a referral reward in the amount of 15% of their replenishments.

  5. How are payments made?

    Income payments are made instantly after clicking on the Pay Out button in your personal account. There is no interval between payments. Referral rewards also have no withdrawal interval and can be withdrawn at any time!

  6. Why can't I top up my balance?

    There could be a lot of reasons for this. Most often, you just need to restart the page, or go to the site again or use a different browser. If it doesn't work, contact our managers.

  7. How long will the project last?

    We are interested in keeping the project running for as long as possible. Further, everything depends on the activity of the investors themselves. To increase the period of uninterrupted operation of the project, it is recommended that all investors be active and recommend the project in any possible places.

  8. What are the rules for providing services?

    The service is provided “as is”. Everything is set! Everything works automatically!

Online project statistics:

Login Activity Deposit Earned
P1064829*** 28.05.2024 08:15 24.9 37.397544
P63093*** 28.05.2024 07:54 1 0.526731
P1114128*** 28.05.2024 07:35 1.7 0.520035
P1109468*** 27.05.2024 22:22 10.5 14.789668
P1116008*** 25.05.2024 23:08 1 1.500451
P92953*** 17.05.2024 23:08 0 4.554925
P1037722*** 17.05.2024 22:19 2 3.003414
P1078147*** 17.05.2024 22:13 7 10.537563
P1106097*** 17.05.2024 19:36 2.62 3.938132
P20370*** 17.05.2024 11:51 3.59 5.400535
P1059574*** 17.05.2024 07:17 1 14.683916
P1028449*** 17.05.2024 05:36 2 3.008218
P1060072*** 17.05.2024 05:31 3 4.503762
P1110315*** 17.05.2024 04:43 11 16.518791
P1083780*** 13.05.2024 18:27 9.6 14.426853
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